Portable Solar Generator 20,000 mAh LiFePO4 battery for Camping and Emergency

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Lightweight and long-lasting power station, convenient to power or recharge your essential devices for camping and emergency. Exceptional for mini compressors, smartphones, tablets, laptops, lights, and CPAPs


  • Rechargeable from wall AC plug or solar panel
  • 80 000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 110 Volts inverter
  • AC output 180 Watts max.
  • 3 * USB Ports 2A/ 5 Volts
  • 4 * DC Outputs 12 Volts
  • Weight: 7.1 LB (3.2 kg)
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Why should you choose me?
I am made with one of the safest, lightest, and most durable lithium battery, LiFePO4 battery. There are a bunch of generators made with any battery type in the market. Some of them are lead-acid batteries which are heavy and others are lithium batteries which however are lighter, they are subject to hazardous effects like overheating, explosion and burning. LiFePO4 battery is the safest and one of the lightest lithium battery technology. It is not subject to the hazardous effects like other lithium batteries. It will safely provide you and your family a reliable power supply.

What can you power with me?
AC Appliances: any AC device 110 V or 220 V (depending on the voltage of the external inverter):  TV, fan, mini fridge, stereo…  It can power up to 80 W max.
USB devices: any USB device: smartphones, tablets, camera ...
Car Lighter Plug: any device with a car lighter plug: CPAP, mini pump, heater...
Round DC Plug  2A/5V: devices with round DC plug like lights...



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尺寸 14.87 x 8.625 x 14.5 in

Single, Value Kit



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